WEPC - West End Presbyterian Church - Hopewell, VA (PCA)

Why Wiesbaden?

Wiesbaden has over 275,000 people. It is strategic for church planting because of the large English speaking civilian population and nearly 15,000 military personnel. Situated in the economic heart of Germany, Wiesbaden is 30 minutes from Frankfurt (pop. 650,000) and 10 minutes from Mainz (pop. 190,000).  Because there are so many English speakers in the area, we believe there is a need for an English speaking reformed church.

Why the Gelstons?

We have long had a spiritual burden for Germany. Nora grew up in Bad Breisig, Germany, located one hour north of Wiesbaden. She became a Christian as a foreign exchange student in the USA. Philip is from Florida and served for six years in the National Guard. He is ordained as an evangelist and has been sent out by the Southeast Alabama Presbytery for the planting of this church. Philip and Nora are motivated by a love for Christ’s church, the Military and the German people.

Mission Focused

Our mission is to reach English speaking expatriates and military personnel for Christ. We want their time in Germany to be one where they actually grow closer to God.  Once the church becomes self-sustaining and self-governing, our goal is to aid in German church planting efforts.


Mr. and Mrs. Phil Gelston (Nora)
The Southeast Alabama Presbytery of the P.C.A.


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